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Probably, you have to be a lucky member of this very special travel group to really get what all this is about. But even if you're not, you might still enjoy getting a glimpse of the adventurous journeys those brave men take while conquering Scotland's exciting world of golfing, taking it links course by links course. You might even find it inspiring enough to go there and see for yourself.

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IMG_8228aDie Teilnehmer: Jim Paton, Christopher Paton, Helmut Fritz, Stefan Kullmann, Peter Dürscheidt, Peter Lahr, Udo Möller, Dirk Weinrich, Jens Kieker, Frank Reising, Nils Kruse,Udo Gottowik, Dierk Skulima, Uli Moning, vorne: Christel Skulima, Graeme Lennie

(2015 in Crail)